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Hello and welcome to Don Minor/Blog
I do internet marketing as my sideline. I try to help others with tips and information that I believe could be helpful them.
 Hopefully by doing this I can help others from making the same mistakes I did. So they will not become disappointed and quitting.
It's my simple way of giving back because if I had not received help at times, I may have not been here myself.
There has been quite a few marketers along the way that have taken the time out of there busy days to give me helpful tips and suggestions. Just to name a few Jeff Davis, Stephen Pierce, Sean Donahoe, Skip Mcgrath, Jeff Faldalen and many more.
Internet Marketing is not the easiest thing to learn, I know because I have been there.
 I am still learning every day and if you're not learning everyday you going to be left behind.
I found the learning is not the bad part but trying to get caught up with the others is the hardest part and at the same time learning the new too!
If you are trying to learn it may take a little time for them to start noticing you and accepting you. Most of the time you need to do something at catches there eye and impresses them, letting them know you are trying to make a go of it.
Same as other marketer I make money from my affiliate links and products but while doing so, I always try to keep my reads best interest at heart.
You will JV product launches that may interest you. I am picky and only run those I feel may be useful to my readers and of good quality.
The same is true with product I post here, for you to purchase many of times the products that I offering are products that I use or know are helpful. These are products I consider to good and offer value to my reads.
There are times I offer reviews on products, add-ins and plug-ins. Sometimes I may offer tips a long with the reviews.
Then there things I find interesting and just want to share them with you. Some are serous while others ones I find interesting and some just plain funny.
If we can't have some fun once in a while, it can become just another JOB. So let’s learn and have some fun while where doing it.
Please remember, I value you comments and if you have something you believe could help others. Please, leave a comment. If you have something that is interesting or funny (keep it clean please) leave me a link maybe I share it with the others.
You'll find helping other can be rewarding sometimes it makes you feel better than making money. Also helping others build trust that helps build a better business relationships.
To your success,
Don Minor
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