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About Me


   Thanks, for stopping to check me out. To tell you a little about myself, I am married to a great lady named, Diana, between her and I we have 4 boys, one girl, and 6 grandchildren.

 I like cars (Hot Rods) here's one I helped my son Chris build but unfortunately it was stolen

The Violator

My dream is to be a full time Internet Marketer. I have been a mechanic for over 30 years. Now, I am in hard pursuit of my dream, Internet Marketing, I have wanted to do it for years but I thought I could never learn all the stuff. So now you know, I am just an average guy, just like you. The only difference is, I have acted on that I wish to do with my life.

Here is how it all started out, years ago, I bought my youngest son his first computer. I paid a $1,000.00 for it but it didn't work right from the first day we had it. This was back in the Dos. and Windows 3.1 era. I started learning all I could about it because no one could figure out what was wrong. It took me about 3 months to learn enough to find the problem. It was pretty simple, it had 2 system.ini files which was causing the whole problem. Yes, I know they say it is impossible to have 2 files with the same name in the same directory. I am here to tell you it can be done, it's called unformat. It breaks all the rules, whatever is laying under in the hard drive will be brought back to the surface no matter what is already there. That is how you can do it.

From this point I Just kept on learning, as I learn, I started pay closer attention to Internet Marketing. Back then, the only way to build a WebPages was to use notepad and build it with HTML. I tried to do it, but with little success a became discouraged and soon gave up. To day though it has become a lot easier to build WebPages. Most of the HTML is done for you.

In the last couple of years, I decided to look into Internet Marketing again. It has been quite an experience. I, just like most of you, have looked at and read just about anything I could get my hands on about the subject. Wasted countless hours to find out most of what I had been reading was out of date and didn't work, most of the time.

The best thing I can tell anyone looking to get into Internet Marketing is just start. Yes, you heard me, "Just start" but where? This is what your saying to yourself. Think about what you really want to do online to make money, something you have some knowledge of. Look at what others are doing to be successful in that niche or business. Start out by trying to copy what they are doing but change it into your own words and start adding your ideas as you go.

It's a slow process! It will take you a while to learn but don't quit, that's why most people fail. They give up right before they are ready to succeed, they think I will never learn this stuff but you will and can. It's just a big learning curve, you'll will be able to find help along the way and most of it can be found for free. The biggest thing you will have to overcome is focusing, not jump around from one thing to another, I find this to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks without a doubt! It's a big time killer and career killer too!

Then there will come a time that you will find that there seems to be no information out there, nothing that will help you. Your stuck, no one is putting out the information that helps you speed everything up. That information you can only gain from someone whose been there. This is where building a good personal working relationship online helps. There are times you need to have someone showing you how to do things but it's hard to find just the right person, that you can trust, that will give you good information and show you how to save time and money. I know, because I have been there, done it, been taken for the ride a couple of times in my life.

My suggestion is to find someone willing to take the time to start helping you. Someone who will explain things to you as you need it. Feel them out for a little while, see if what they are telling you is useful and is getting the job done. If so, ask them if they would take the time to train you or coach you. During this time, you should have found out what kind of person they are. If they really care about helping you and want to see you succeed. Yeah there are lots of them out there with information, not all good, or works like they say it will. They will try and make you believe that they know what they're doing and take your money anyway and say; Well, you didn't do what I told you, when you know you did. It just didn't work. It came up short of what you were told.

I have been really fortunate in finding just the right person in Rodger Hyatt, he has shown me so much more than anyone else that I have tried before. He took the time to start helping me, showing me just small things that started making a lot of difference and got the results just like he said it would and if I had a question, he was more than glad to help. I decided to ask him about coaching me more on a regular basis. Now, he is teaching me how to run my own giveaways and many other things along the way. He has taught me more in 30 days than all the others put together in the last 2 years and I am still learning from him.

You know what, I was just like many of you, for a long time I did nothing and was afraid to start. "What if I mess up", I said to myself. I just had to do it, it's the only way I could get started. So what if I mess up, I would just have to fix it. Was it easy, no, not at first but it gets easier as you learn. You're always learning new stuff. You just jump in and get your feet wet. Start splashing around a little, then it will start to come together. You will find the people along the way that will help smooth the bumps out.

I will be the first to tell you, whatever your dreams, whether it's Internet Marketing or not, don't give up! Those who succeeded are the people that didn't give up. I am and will be the 2% that will succeed and it's because I refuse to give up!

If I give up on my dream, what's left?????

Look at the video at the bottom of the page, here is a man who has not given up and it's all starting to come together for him. Get your crying towel out, your going to need it when you watch this one.

Hang in there and yours will start coming together too!

P.S. I don't like what's left. (JOB) really sucks. I want to be in charge of my own destiny!

A Special Note for the Newbie's 
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Below is a video and some quotes to encourage you

as you start your journey


The below quotes are what I keep posted by

my computer to inspire me! 

         "If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone
           else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you ? not much.

                                                                                                                       By the late great,
                                                                                                                            Jim Rohn            

So when someone tells me that you can't do Internet Marketing and says only 2% of the people who try ever succeed. Ask them what makes them so sure that you can't, have you ever truly tried. I have been told by others that it wouldn't work and got funny looks when I tell them what I am doing.  Most people do not know anything about the internet or internet marketing but they will be the first to tell you, you can't do it! 

There is a good reason why most people don't succeed. They jump into this because they hear all the get rich quick stories and think someone is going to do all the work for them. Then they find out, it is work!

If you are considering doing this for a living, you need to be ready to learn at all times, love a challenge and be willing to give it your all. Above all, never quit, the quit part is why most people don't succeed! The learning part is what usually brings, the quitting part. They think they can't learn it, but you can!

I believe if you can find the below qualities in yourself, then you have a good chance at being an Internet Marketer.

Here are some of the things I had to overcome to get to where I am today.

  • Self-doubt.

  • The lack of knowledge of computers and the Internet.

  • How to build web pages.

  • Learning the HTML needed to help make web pages.

  • What others thought.

  • How to build an email list.

  • The fear of running a major event!

  • Finding people willing to help you when you are trying to learn.

These and many more have stood in my way but if I hadn't started, I would not be here today!

I give my blessing to all those who try this or any other venture in life and I will help those that I can.

To your success,
Don Minor